Event barriers

Keeping everything in order – event barriers from H.M.R.

When crowds have to be guided, event barriers are used.
We offer high-quality barriers for any purpose. Whether it is construction sites, to temporarily block off walkways, or major events with a high volume of traffic – our barriers keep what we promise.
Be on the safe side: we offer different versions of our high-quality barriers. Our steel barriers can be connected to form endlessly long barricades – our proven shut-off option for simple, temporary security tasks.

Heavier class C3 barriers are mostly used for big events. Some of our so-called police barriers have folding base plates to ensure increased stability.

Our stage barriers also do their duty at big events. They have rollers and, partially, steps on the back for the security guards, providing them with a better view and giving them better control of any situation.

Separation systems include our single entry access control systems. For admission control or controlling access in an orderly manner, our security gates are first choice. We offer them in different versions.