Cable protectors

Safety for people and technology – cable protectors from H.M.R.

Whether it is a mass rally, an event, or roadworks: wherever cables have to be guided across traffic routes, cable protectors are the first choice. They protect cables, lines or hoses from damages and allow the continued use of the affected traffic route without any problems.
Safely installed: our cable protectors make sure that cables, lines or hoses are protected from abrasion, squashing or breaking.

Their own weight already makes sure they lie perfectly on any surface. The removable covers are equipped with non-slip surfaces ensuring they can be walked on safely. Up to five cable channels offer sufficient space for any type of cables, lines and hoses.

Our cable protectors can be extended flexibly: any number of elements can be connected to each other, depending on the desired length of the protector, even around corners. Clearly visible marking ensures additional safety, depending on where they are used.

Whatever you want to use our products for, in our varied portfolio you will find the right solution. Outdoor or indoor use, from cable protectors with approved load values suitable for cars/lorries via wheelchair ramps to cable protectors for offices – we offer you a wide range of solutions.