Traffic safety systems

Controlling the flow of traffic – with traffic safety systems from H.M.R

When traffic flows need to be controlled, traffic safety systems from H.M.R. get involved. Our barriers, traffic posts, traffic cones and pylons all have something in common: their high manufacturing quality and their convincing durability, even if they are used every day.
Ideal guidance: our anti-fall guards made from weather-resistant HDPE plastic are easy to handle, offer the highest possible stability and maximum wind permeability, and form the only system which can always be combined and does not leave any connection open. The 7-year film approved by the German Federal Highway Research Institute makes sure you are always on the safe side.

Our safety, turning and guiding posts have backlash-free couplings and can effortlessly be lifted from the base plate. Stacking knobs facilitate easy collective transport, studs allow warning lamps to be inserted. Of course, we also offer matching adapter tubes for our traffic posts.

For temporarily securing road traffic, our traffic cones and pylons are used. Different materials (rubber or PVC) and heights (500 and 750 mm) cover different tasks, making them a favourably priced solution for public areas and within company premises.