Composite pallets for barriers and fences

Efficiency in mobile fence construction – composite pallets from H.M.R.

Our patented composite palettes are the ideal transport solution for construction fences and barriers. They allow fence elements and feet to be removed alternately – with the speed and ease required in everyday use. One hundred metres of mobile fencing can be assembled or dismantled within a few minutes, saving time and costs.
Everything on one pallet: with our high-quality composite pallets the entire process is simplified:

By driving the lorry along the assembly route, feet and fence elements can be removed successively as required. That way the mobile fence is built directly in one go, element by element.

Full composite pallets can simply be picked up by a forklift and loaded. Profiles ensure the safe grip of the forks, both lengthwise and across.

To fill the pallets the fence elements are neatly placed on the matching holders, the feet are placed separately in the space underneath. The first and last element close the bottom area so that the feet cannot slip out of place or get lost. Accessories like e.g. fence clamps can be collected in an integrated container. All parts thus only have to be moved once!

Thanks to the direct complete assembly there is no risk of accidents due to feet laid out beforehand or of material fatigue caused by lorries running over material.

Our composite pallets are available in different designs and compatible with the most common fences and feet supplied by different manufacturers.